Our Impact

Hour 4 Our helps improve communities around the world every day through thousands of projects.

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Enviromental Playground

Enviromentally safe worldwide play spaces.


Contribute to the space of education in your community.

Eco-Health Centers

Promoting Cures and Healthy Enviroments.

Peace Parks

Honor the many generations and people that have come before us.

Child Advocacy Centers

Be a support to children struggling with a fight that they never should need to fight.

Mental Health Facilities

Help people gain their lives back through the journey where they also gain themselves back.

Species Protection

Protect our Earth and every life force that exists within. It is our responsibility!

Habitat Preservation

It is our responsibility to protect the only Earth that exists. Donate today!

Environmental Sustainability

Support our home and bring clean water and air to those communities in need.

Tech Sector Solar/Wind

Contribute to the verge of energy solutions.