Donate to Our Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group Today

The environment is in need of our help. The thought of single-handedly fighting the impacts of climate change is daunting, but through Hour 4 Our, you can donate to environmental sustainability and a greener economy. Count on our team to help make a difference.

Who We Are

Hour 4 Our is built on the premise that we can all donate at least an hour of our income to work toward a better and more sustainable world. We work to continue the efforts of our ancestors, our foremothers and forefathers, who shed blood, sweat, and tears to leave a better world for their descendants.

Current generations always sacrifice for the generations that follow. We work with leaders in communities around the world to ensure that your donation makes the largest difference possible.

Once you donate to Hour 4 Our, we flow near 100% of your donation to groups and institutions that have demonstrated integrity, transparency, and stewardship. If you're not sure where your donation will have the largest impact, give it to us and we'll ensure no dollar is wasted.

What We Do

Your donations fund sustainability efforts throughout the country and even around the world, handled by local Rotary Clubs. When you donate to environmental sustainability and a greener economy, you provide opportunities for people everywhere.

Some of our current projects include:

  • Natural playgrounds
  • Schools and education
  • Environmental health centers
  • Species protection
  • Habitat preservation
  • Solar and wind innovation in the tech sector
  • Peace University
  • Peace Parks

All of our projects work toward increasing and improving environmental sustainability and a greener economy in our communities, laying the foundation for large-scale changes such as world peace. We can't legislate change, but we can create change in our cities and local communities.

Goodwill is being stretched thin throughout the globe, but through peacebuilding efforts and collaboration between different organizations and countries, we work to repair a little bit of it with every donation that we receive.

Donate to environmental sustainability and the greenery economy through Hour 4 Our to contribute to the hard work of saving our planet. After all, we all know it is the thing to do NOW!